Tamara Knight

My name is Tamara Knight and I am a photographer based in Orlando Florida. I am a Russian girl, with a cute Russian accent.  I love working (I’m crazy, I know, I am a workaholic!). My family means everything to me, but my work takes over sometimes. I love to read. I love to ride bikes. Loooove dancing. My husband is my biggest supporter! I have a cat, her name is Cat in Russian (Koshka), she is 100 years old (in cat years).

I am an artist.
My camera is the brush with which I paint.
It is a window.
Let me capture your dreams and share mine with you. into my vision of the world.
Let me show you the world as I see it: beautiful, whimsical, candid and a bit foreign.
Let me take you to a place of feelings and memories.

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