Ric Lewis

RIC LEWIS PHOTOGRAPHY Hey there. I started my photography journey in 2018. I purchased a cheap, crop sensor camera from a pawn shop and it's all been a whirlwind from there. It wasn't long before my work was being published in "brick and mortar" store magazines as well as "print on demand" magazines. In the past few years my images have been internationally published in numerous magazines. I've taught underwater photography workshops, retouching workshops, and lighting workshops. I am truly happiest and at my best when I'm helping another photographer. I truly feel honored when another creative trust me enough to ask my opinion or how to do something. It's all very humbling to me and also where I thrive. A few years ago my wife asked me who my ideal client would be. I remember responding with, "I want to be the photographers photographer. I want to be the one they trust to do his very best each and everytime." Speaking of my wife, where would I be without Kayla Douglas of Kayla Douglas Artistry? In all honesty, neither of us would be where we are without the love and support of each other. We both push each creatively and with utmost honesty. We believe in each other. In the past few years she has sowed words of encouragement and success into me. She's manifested everything good that has happened to us and we hope when people see one of us they also see the other. I truly feel bad for those who haven't had the chance to encounter her light. Apart from photography I'm a father, musician, and engineer. I love photography. It's my passion first before anything else. It allows me to connect with and establish relationships with so many other people at different levels of their creativity. If we have or have not met, if you have questions, please stop by our booth at a convention, or send me a message. I love connecting with others and if you're reading this I hope to connect with you too.