Chris Smith

Handmade Santa sets by Chris Smith of Ivey Photography

About Chris:

I have a passion for many things, including photography.  Photography isn’t first on my list, and may not be second or third on the list of things I’m most passionate about.  I take time with family seriously, I love to fish, play golf and dove hunt with my dad.  And I usually have a camera close by during all of those activities.  Sometimes it is my Nikon D5, or maybe just a GoPro, but I do enjoy capturing unique images of my adventures.

Honestly, I think a lot of photographers are “passionate” about their cameras and taking pictures.  But just because they are passionate about those things doesn’t mean they are practiced at the art of photography.  I pride myself on being skilled in my craft and about learning something new every day.  Over the years I’ve been able to prove myself, not so much as an innovator, but more so as an implementer.  I see things that work well in other studios or other industries and I try to work those things into my business.  If Ivey Photography is on the cutting edge of photography and runs smoother, you get a better experience.  My goal for you is to enjoy the process and the experience, not just the images.

More About Chris

I turned 44 in June 2017 (yikes!).  I have three beautiful children, Chandler, a patent attorney in Dallas, (26), Connor, the smartest 6th grader in MISD and a heck of a guitarist, (11), and Camryn, the most competitive person I know, and a good little defender on her club soccer team, (9).  They challenge me to be at my best in order to provide them with a better life and a better example.  I love what I do.  But I know I do it better because of them.  Being a dad is my favorite part of my life.


A few of my favorite quotes and things to live by:
Good things cometh to those who waiteth, if he worketh like hell while he waiteth” -Unknown
The grass is greener where you water it” – Unknown
You can’t beat fairway play.” – Charles Smith (my papa)


Chris's Professional Photography Career Highlights

-Photogaphic Crafstman Photographer (Cr. Photog.) awarded by the PPA in January 2018
-Master of Photography (M.Photog.) awarded by the PPA January 2017
-Active Member of the Professional Photographers of America, Texas Professional Photographers Association
-Professional Photographers of America International Print Competition Awards

-LexJet SWPPA Best Print Award, 2017
-Featured speaker Texas Professional Photographers Association, Summer 2017
-Texas Professional Photographers Association Distinguished Print Award, 2016
-SWPPA Best in Show Winner, 2014
-SWPPA Best Illustrative Print and Perfect score of 100 for “Permission to Buzz the Tower”, 2014
-Texas Star Award for Best Event Photography 2010, 2011, 2012