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Backdrop Care
Our drops are designed to last for years to come, but there are some tips to remember.

  • All fabrics are wrinkle resistant. Premium you can hang right out of the box, matter fleece does come with packing wrinkles. You can throw in dryer for 5 mins on high and they will all disappear.
  • All fabrics are machine washable.
  • All fabric can go in the dryer on low to no heat (10-15 mins with wet to damp towel in the dryer on low to no heat is recommended to remove wrinkles at any time & post production shipping debris).

Fabric Choices 

  • Matte Fleece: a compressed fleece making it smooth on both sides. Matte fleece does have packing wrinkles. Throw in dryer for 5 mins on high to get the wrinkles out
  • Fleece: textured fleece fabric, not as soft as original, but not as smooth as matte fleece
  • Foldable Floor Material: a mouse pad type fabric that is washable & foldable
  • Premium: the thinnest of fabrics available in all sizes, does have rod pockets for hanging in sizes 8x8' and larger. Our most wrinkle resistant fabric. You can wash and dry this amazing fabric.
  • Dream Fabric: Thinner then fleece, almost as thin as premium. Lightweight, washable and dryable. Fuzzy back so it sticks to floormats like fleece, It is a DREAM to work with. 

Fabric Sizes

  • 50x60" - Matte Fleece / Fleece
  • 60x80" Matte Fleece / Fleece
  • 5x7' - Matte Fleece
  • 5x8' - Matte Fleece
  • 6x8' - Fleece / Premium
  • 8x8' - Fleece / Premium / Dream Fabric
  • 8x10' - Fleece / Premium / Dream Fabric (pole pocket on short side)
  • 5x9' Sweeps -   Fleece / Premium
  • 8x14' Sweeps - Fleece / Premium
  • 10x16' Sweeps - Fleece / Premium
  • 9x14' Premium only
  • 10x20' Sweep and non sweep - Dream Fabric (pole pocket on long side) SOLD out of pole pocket on short side. ALL orders will be printed on LONG side until this message is gone. 


50x60" Backdrops

  • The 50x60" is available in matte fleece & original fleece
  • The fleece option is a fuzzy fleece on both sides where the matte fleece is a compressed fleece making it smooth on both sides. (You can not tell fabric choice in images)
  • Ideal for newborns or sitters
  • You can use for head shots where you are only intending on using just the bust of your model
60x80" Backdrops
  • The 60x80" is available in matte fleece & original fleece
  • The fleece option is a fuzzy fleece on both sides where the matte fleece is a compressed fleece making it smooth on both sides. (You can not tell fabric choice in images)
  • 60x80s are roughly 5x7',  you will lose 2-3 inches in any direction for post production hemming.
  • Ideal for newborns, sitters, children standing less than 4 feet tall. It can work for individual adults sitting. Perfect for head shots. Ideal for cake smashes. Does NOT have a rod pocket. Comes in horizontal & vertical orientation (this is completely dependent upon design choice)
  • 60x80s matte fleece have the fastest production time meaning ships quickest. It will ship separately from other items on your order.
  • Matte fleece have shipping wrinkles. When you unbox them just throw in the dryer on high for 10 mins to get them out. 
6x8' Backdrops
  • The 6x8 will allow you to incorporate parents easily into a scene & allow older children over 4 feet to stand comfortably rather than sit in each image.
  • The original fleece option is a fuzzy fleece on both sides where the matte fleece is a compressed fleece making it smooth on both sides. (You can not tell fabric choice in images)
  • The fleece does NOT have a rod pocket.
5x7' Backdrops
  • The 5x7 backdrop size matches the sizing for the 5x7 floor it is available.
  • Only available in matte fleece.

8x8' and 8x10' Backdrops

  • Rod pocket for hanging on premium fabric only.
  • The fleece fabric is printed on the back of the drop meaning the hem edge is on the design side. The fleece is hemmed prior to production.
  • The Premium is the thinnest of fabrics available in all sizes & does require an upgrade at checkout. The Premium does have rod pockets for hanging in any size 8x8 & larger.

5x9', 8x14' and 10x16' Sweeps

  • All in one design intended to be used as both a drop and then swept forward for a floor. 
  • The Fleece and Premium fabric is not rubber backed and can slip. We do not recommend using on a laminate floor. For best results use a large Baby Dream rubber backed floor underneath to give the fabric something to grip to. A rug pad may also be used to achieve a more slip resistant floor.

8x12' Backdrops and Larger

  • Not all design are available in the larger sizes. Designs require authorization before ordering to ensure the design will work on the larger scale.
  • These sizes are only available for Fleece and Premium fabric.
  • The Premium Fabric has a rod pocket to use for hanging.
  • We can accommodate sizes up to 10x20'


Floor Care and Materials: Available in 2 options

Rubber Backed Floors

  • The fabric topped slip resistant rubber backed mats.
  • Recommended to be gently swept after each use. Vacuuming is not recommended.
  • A protective layer is recommended if doing cake smashes. Such as plexiglass. Food dye is unpredictable & is not guaranteed not to stain.
  • The floors can be spot cleaned with a wet/damp rag. If your floor becomes wet it is CRUCIAL to ensure it is completely dry prior to storage. Some have successfully used a pressure washer for heavy cleaning (be advised there is always a chance of damaging the floor with too high a pressure)
Foldable Floors
  • The foldable 5x7' and 5x9' are a mouse pad type fabric.
  • Washable & foldable.
  • Ideal for traveling togs & smashes. Be mindful food dye can be tricky & each can react differently to fabric

Floors to fit each size

  • 60x80" backdrop needs a 5x7' floor
  • 5x7' backdrop needs a 5x7' floor
  • 6x8' backdrop needs a 8x8' floor
  • 8x8' backdrop needs a 8x8' floor
  • 8x10' backdrop needs a 8x10' floor


Production Times

A production time chart on individual material choices can be found in the announcements pinned to the top of our Facebook group. Production times can vary between 3-7 business days depending on material choice and may ship separately. Please contact us at if you have a request or question on a delivery date. High seasonal times may effect turn times and we will update as production times change.


Custom Requests
We do have an in house graphic designer and other talented set makers that design exclusively for Baby Dream if you have an idea for a drop. Although it's not guaranteed we can fill each request, we accommodate as many as possible.

Your Own Custom Design

We are able to print your own design into a backdrop, see our Custom Backdrops tab on our home page.


Once the order is processed and printed, a tracking notification is sent immediately to your email address provided on record as soon the label is printed.

Digital Backgrounds / Copy Rights

We do not offer the sale of digital background on our backdrops. Backdrops purchased by Baby Dream may not be used in the creation of your own digital backdrop for resale to other photographers, but can be used to create digital for your own personal use. Our drops are either hand created and retain the rights for printing and we retain all rights for reprinting or we have purchased the license from the original artist to reprint. Purchasing a drop or floor does not give you the same license to reproduce. Products sold from Baby Dream Backdrops, llc remain sole copy righted by Baby Dream and may not be reproduced or copied for resale in digital or printed form.

We ship worldwide

  • Backdrops are available to ship world wide.
  • Dream Tech available world wide.
  • Rubber Backed floors only available to USA and Canada.



If we didn't address your question, please feel free to email us at or ask in our Facebook group: Baby Dream Backdrop News

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and see why every studio has a Dream.