Sweet Lily Designs

I have always had a love and appreciation for the art of photography, but it was when my daughter Lily was born that my passion was ignited. I became obsessed with capturing these magical firsts, milestones and memories as well as the emotions behind the image.

In September 2009, I took a deep breath and an even deeper pay cut, and pursued my dreams by opening Krista Marie Photography! This is the culmination of all my life's work, from capturing the first signs of life on film for families through my 20 years’ experience in sonography, to now capturing all of life's events following birth.  I have finally found my true calling!  With the help of my loving husband, Tom (the technical genius behind the scenes) and my daughter Lily (who is frequently at my side- ready to help make a child smile with a game of peek-a-boo) I feel truly blessed to have my family at my side on this journey.

Prior to every session, I had a vision of what the final images would look like.  But during the planning process, I often found myself frustrated because I could not find a backdrop that fit that vision.  Soooo…. I created my own.   This ignited a passion in me for set design. All of this was going quite well for me in my little studio in South Jersey. Then my world was rocked!!!  In October 2014, I was approached by the amazingly talented Aileen Treadwell to create my own line for Baby Dream Backdrops.  And so… Sweet Lily Designs was born.


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