Megan Doak

I am a mother of 3 handsome boys and one little princess! My husband and I are both originally from Southern CA and started our new life adventure in KS in 2017 and haven't regretted it for a moment!

I have been a professional photographer since 2008. Throughout my career, I have received publications and awards from across the globe. I pride myself on my ability to connect with little ones in a way that is fun, unforced, maybe a little silly, and that makes them feel comfortable and safe enough to come out of their shy little shells. I love Disney movies. I love Princesses + pretty dresses. I love sing-alongs. I love the sound effects little boys make as they bounce around pretending to be Spiderman using his web-shooter. The childhood imagination is so much fun and it is such a joy for me to nurture that and celebrate that as part of my job! I'm honestly just a big kid at heart and if I could wear fun costumes and pretty princess things all day - I totally would!