Elsa Sainz

     HI Everyone! My name is Elsa Sainz and I am a full time photographer that specializes in maternity portraits, but also loves doing Quinceaneras, couples and have lots of experience as well with kids and newborns! I started photography 7 years ago, looking for a career that would give me the freedom to stay home with my future kids. (Now my two wild kids lol) But also as a way to express all the creativity that I have always had inside me and wanted to bring to life.

     In my school years I would sit in the back of the class drawing and painting instead of paying attention to the lessons… I would be bumping into kids while walking the hallways with my nose in my Harry Potter books, lost in a world of MAGIC that fascinated me! Later as a teenager, I loved to go work at my mother’s bakery and started decorating wedding cakes at only 14. I loved the colors and the beautiful art that could be created and displayed, that is until I discovered photography! From there, the rest is history.

     The last 7 years I have dedicated my all to this craft. I have invested so much time, money, and effort (not to mention many sleepless nights haha!) to a passion that has grown into my life time career. A career that thankfully gave me what I always dreamed of, the ability to see my kids grow, spend time with my husband, to retire my parents, and to most of all, be able to create magical pieces of art that clients can display in their homes with pride.

     When I found Baby Dream backdrops a few years back my business started growing so much from all the beautiful designs i started offering my clients and it was def my leap into doing studio sessions. I love using all my beautiful Baby Dream backdrops and now I am loving so much to be able to create customized sets for my clients and to share my ideas and designs with you all! I have so many beautiful ideas and concepts in my mind and I always try to create stuff that clients request and I know that all my other clients will LOVE. I hold sessions in my studio every two weeks and on a weekend I will do around 20-30 sessions back to back so I LOVE being able to use so many different sets and backdrops so easily so all my sessions have different and unique looks! I always try to design my backdrops so they are versatile and can be used with pregnant women, kids, seniors, quinceañeras and everyone I photograph! I am so honored and excited to be part of such an amazing company that is Baby Dream Backdrops!